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Time for more birthday gift suggestions, please. Ds9

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My 2nd son is turning 10 soon. He's stumping me.


He's passionate about Greek Myths and he loves LOTR.


He's slightly interested in stop-motion animation, but my oldest turned 11 last month and we got him Timberdoodle's SMA kit, so we have all we need there.


He's got a camera and pocketknife already, and we have a BB gun as well. We're getting each boy some sort of music system for Christmas this year, so an mp3 player is out. We have a Wii and he's got access to a laptop (we already have Age of Mythology for that). We've got bikes, scooters, and basket/soccer/baseballs.


I'd prefer to not get him only books, though some book suggestions would be good. He's a great reader (he's read LOTR). He would love some greek myth action figures, but I'm having a hard time finding any. Not only do I buy our gift, but I buy the gifts from both sets of grandparents, his great-grandma, and 2 aunts/uncles with money they send.



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This is pricey and elaborate, but my 9yo has been loving it. My ds worked all summer and recently bought a Lord of the Rings game from GamesWorshop. The game is made of Citadel miniatures. It's both a game and a hobby--you have to assemble the figures and paint them yourself. Ds took a class at our local GamesWorkshop for the assembling and painting. You can play the game without painting the figurines, but the painting is considered to be part of the fun of the hobby. The game is a battle strategy game. If your ds enjoys it, there are tons of figures that can be bought over time.


Just to warn you--GamesWorkshop/Citadel also offers two Warhammer games that I did NOT allow ds to get. I am not comfortable with some of the characters and parts of the storyline. (Storyline includes interaction with evil spirits--I don't mind fairytale magic and super powers, but I draw a line at even imaginary interaction with evil spirits.)

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My son still loved elaborate lego kits at that age...

Also - as far as figures for Greek myths - some of the Narnia action figures would work, and you might be able to find some from that new "Clash of the Titans" movie that came out last year - most likely only online.

Does he camp or hike? His own backpack, his own tent? Any other camping gear....

Consumable art supplies,,, refils for that SMA kit? (don't know if it needs refills)

Another cool thing my kids recieved was a gift certificate to the local rock climbing wall at an outdoors outfitter here. I think it was for an hour of repelling. You don't have to know anything about it to try it.

I loved the LOTR books as well - but there isn't a lot of "accesorizing" that can be done there :)

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Lego has a Minotaurus game that Trevor just got yesterday for his 12th bday. I asked him what he thought your ds would like, and this was his answer.


And if your son is into Legos, I think the best gift ever is Brickmaster. They get a small kit every two months, and the magazine that comes along with it is pored over and discussed among ds and his friends. At my suggestion, my mom has bought this for Trev for the third year in a row. :)


How do you like the SMA kit? That's something I've been thinking about for Christmas. I just hate to give him one more reason to tie up my or dh's computer, haha.

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