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I just follow the teacher's guide. We do a lesson a day. DS can do most of it by himself. Even on days where I need to help, we usually don't spend more than 10 or 15 minutes on it.



We completed Megawords 1-8. It was important in Megawords 1 to make sure that ds understood the material because the rest of the series is built on breaking down megawords into syllables. After that, ds generally worked on his own. I would check, discuss mistakes, and do the testing.


Here are some threads that you might find helpful:

Megawords...I need a quick start guide!


Megawords - how does this work on a daily/weekly basis?


So impressed with Megawords!


Wow -- Megawords looks really good



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Thanks for all the help and links. I did look at the TM for book 1 and just fell in a fog. I'll try again. At least now I get that I don't need to pre-test. I think I got confused when I saw the student book and then all the words on one page....


I can feel my head hurt already!! Baby-fog...

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