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Testing for History

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I use Biblioplan for our history. This is the first year that I have tested for history...normally we just have fun learning and understanding what was going on at the time. Because my oldest is getting ready to go into 9th, I have decided to start testing her...but it way harder than I thought it was going to be.


Because, I used Biblioplan, I have to come up with my own questions--trying to decide how hard/easy to make the test is driving me crazy :) This year, we are not using the HS supplement, I am just trying to beef up her work on my own. Does anyone have any advice for this?


Also, since she is using so many different sources, it is hard to explain to her what to take notes on and such. I have thought about giving her a study guide to fill out in preparation for the test. but I want to make sure the course is meaty enough for her.

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