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First day at college...


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I have read the thread about "Students Welcome, Parents go home"... and just checked my mail. Lo - a message to us parents from ds's Honor's* Professor listing ALL the required readings for the year AND recommending we parents read at least one of the books to help "open a dialog" with our student!!!!!


The Professor included all his contact info, too.


I think Augustana College knows just how to handle us parents ;)


Still wondering if I will hear (email or FB) from ds about his day.... I caught him on-line early this morning and he said he was not going to get breakfast so he would not use up all his meal dollars. He thought he was limited to ten meals a week.... I straightened him out and he signed off FB to go off to get a bite before his first class.


Sigh.Four days of freshman orientation and he still didn't know how the meal plan worked.


* all freshmen take a full year of "Liberal Studies" (think Freshman English/research skills etc.) unless they get into an Honor's track of more interesting course, in addition to whatever other classes they take.

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