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If you use Oak Meadow...

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I use OM math for my younger dd but it didn't come with the material I bought for the 5th or 6th. So I use OM and Rod and Staff for my younger and just Rod and Staff for my older. We used to use Singapore but we kept getting stuck.


As my younger gets into the upper levels I will probably track down OM math for her because she learns well with this method.:001_smile:

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I used OM's math for my daughter last year for 4th grade.


This year we're doing OM5 and I decided to use Teaching Textbooks for math. The only reason I decided this is because I have an older, used version of OM and in the version I had, they didn't used to have their own math curriculum in 5th grade. They wanted me to use Saxon which I can't stand. So I decided to go with TT instead.


Of course, I subsequently found out that OM nowadays does use its own math curriculum in 5th grade and up, whereas it didn't used to. If I had the newer version of OM, I'd have just gone with their math program, yes.

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Now I have to ask: What is the OM math program like for 5th grade? Would a parent who isn't "mathy" be able to use it easily with their child? I'm considering OM next year for 5th grade with my ds, but I was also looking at TT for him.


Have you read this yet? This might give you a pretty good idea of what it's like:



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