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Am I the only one with dc who could never handle more than one math program?

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I agree *if the math programs are of the same type*. We would not do Algebra X and Algebra Y for 2 sessions per day. We might alternate using each on a different day. But we can handle 2 different math types - algebra 2 and geometry. This is easily accomplished by using 2 sessions. So math for 2 hours per day but they are different.

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Right now, my dd12 is the only one who could possibly do 2 programs. She is working on MUS Algebra and it takes her about 20 mins. to do one worksheet which is one day's assignment. I'm floored that she's understanding the material so easily. She's on Lesson 10 out of 30.


Dd18, otoh, is freaking out about Pre-Calc/Trig. She told me yesterday... Mom, I have to actually LEARN this material to pass my tests! :tongue_smilie:


Ds14 finished Algebra a couple of weeks ago and it took over an hour for each lesson. He's now in Geometry and has just passed the easy chapter. Yesterday's assignment took an hour. He thinks math is pure torture.

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There is more to life than math. :001_smile:


Not for some kids who love math. My youngest is like that -- often staying up late on his own to work on problems -- and frankly, I'm happy he is! No nagging necessary on my part. ;) He has other hobbies and hangs out with friends, too.

Now, if only I could only get him to like a few other subjects as much as math.

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My boys all do 4 days of the week on a "text book" math (this year one's doing Algebra II and the other Pre-calc) then we get together on Friday and do "enrichment" math together (like everyday math skills or "survival" skills, a Teaching Company video, of AoPS problems).



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It would never have ocurred to me to use more than one publisher for math.




I prefer to pick one thing and go with it.



Same here.


Dd barely handles one math program at a time (and she is a good math student).


My math inclined Ds prefers to do one program at a time. He just goes through math faster.. he did algebra 2 and geometry last year. This year he is doing the two semesters of college precalculus (precalc algebra and precalc trig) as he would have done if he took it at CC. We bought the text book being used at CC and will hire a tutor instead of sending him to CC.

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