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Please share any fav biology books/resources for older elementary age


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I am not looking for a curric program at this point, although we never rule anything out, and use all kinds of materials. If you have something you love, please let is know. (Evolutionary theory preferred). I am looking for books/ideas for a child very interested in biology. Extra points for any leads on neurobiology for a child of this age. (She enjoyed a series of lectures borrowed from the library on the subject).


She pours over DK -type anatomy books, which is also sketches.


I am coming up with many titles in my ILL search, and want to narrow down my holds.


We do have a microscope. If anyone has some good ideas there.


Thanks for any ideas/leads.

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This may be more than you want. :tongue_smilie:


These are some of the books I have for dd this year & next:


Evolution Revolution

Evolution, Fleisher

The Cartoon Guide to Genetics

Inheritance and Evolution, Denise Walker

The Search for Eve, Brown

The Making of the Fittest, Carroll

Bones Brains and DNA, Tattersall

Planet Ocean, Matsen

Why Evolution Is True

The Human Story, Sloan

Evolve or Die!, Gates (Horrible Science)

The Double Helix

a bunch of Eyewitness books

Silent Spring

Our Choice

The Cartoon Guide to the Environment

The Annotated Origin of Species (maybe)

DK's Animal

DK's Ocean

Our Stolen Future

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The Way Life Works/Exploring the Way Life Works, Mahlon Hoagland (The Way Life Works is a trade paperback with gorgeous illustrations that are sort of visual analogies (cell as factory, etc). Exploring the Way Life Works is an adaptation of the original book for use in college non-majors classes; it adds more technical info and more chemistry to meet the standards of a typical nonmajors/CC course.)


The Way We Work, David McCauley (similar to above, but specifically on human anatomy)


The Manga Guide to Molecular Biology (this is a bit advanced, but fun)


The Brain: An Introduction to Neurology, Ellen McHenry (be sure to make the Brain Hat!)


Making Your Mind: Molecules, Motion, and Memory and other FREE DVDs from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute


Open Me Up, DK (you MUST get this if you don't already have it!!!)


The Stuff of Life: A Graphic Guide to Genetics and DNA, Mark Schulz


Cartoon Guide to Genetics, Larry Gonick


DNA models from the DNA Store


Assorted DNA kits


Darwin's On the Origin of Species: A Graphic Adaptation, Michael Keller


Evolution, PBS DVDs




Creepy Crawlies and the Scientific Method, Sally Kneidel (the experiments in here are proper experiments, not the usual "demonstrations" or observations you see in science-for-kids book. We've done several and plan to do most of them.)


Froguts (VIrtual dissections of a frog, starish, squid, fetal pig, owl pellet, and cow eye, plus genetics labs with fruit flies and peas; 1 yr subscription = $30)


Carolina Biological (So many fun labs, so little time! My wishlist at CB is almost as long as the one at Amazon, lol)


We have one of these sets of 200 microscope slides from AmScope. (These were highly recommended by several parents in a gifted list I'm on; they're very high quality slides, and the seller shipped very quickly and packaged things perfectly. They offer different assortments depending on your primary area of interest, e.g. an anatomy/pathology/botany set or a veterinary/histology set)



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I answered you over on the General Board; I'll copy so the answers are in on place...


We did Life Science last year when they were 11, and for supplementary reading I had my kids read (all evolutionary biology based):


The Way Life Works by Hoagland and Dodson (there's apparently also an expanded version called Exploring the Way Life Works)

The Wonders of Biodiversity by Roy Gallant

The Tales Fossils Tell by Jonathan Gallant

The Treasure of Inheritance by Roy Gallant

The Miracle of Immunity by William Donnellan

The Origins of Life by Roy Gallant

Charles Darwin's On the Origin of Species: A Graphic Adaptation by Michael Keller

Charles and Emma: The Darwins' Leap of Faith (biography of Darwin)


For Neurobiology, have you looked at Ellen McHenry's The Brain curriclum?

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