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Birth Control Pill ?? (obvious female content)

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I started LoEstrin 24 in March for perimenopausal problems. I've only had 3 "periods" (I know they are breakthrough not "real") since then. We went on vacation last month and that cycle was really not pleasant. Crampier, heavier and longer than "usual" for the pill. I stayed on schedule, did not miss a single pill. We did hike every day, ride horses, ice skate, all things I do not have access to where we currently live. I also ran out of fish oil and took pumpkin seed oil instead. Now this month, I'm home, back to "normal" schedule and fish oil, no "period". I know this pill has a history of no periods due to only being off hormones for 4 days. Not complaining, just wondering if this is "normal"??

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