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Hair dye

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TOTALLY off school topic.


I want to dye my hair, but not using a store bought kit. I want to purchase from a beauty supply store. Anyone with experience have any suggestions as to which brand, etc. My hair used to be blonde, but as I have gotten older (40) and had children it as changed to dark blonde or really light brown.


Thanks for any help~

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Go to sally or wherever and ask....


You will need...


developer (the "lift" number depends on what shade you are doing) 20 is normal. 40 would probably be for blonde.


the actual color. (depending on your hair length & thickness you might need more than one little bottle).


sometimes, the color needs a special developer, usually the cheapest is fine.


gloves and an applicator bottle.


There are so many brands with varying results. Decide the basic color you want, go to that section figure out a few shades you like, then ask someone who works there's opinion/ suggestion.


remember it is a 1:1 ratio. so 2 oz color, 2 oz developer. But you should still ask to make sure... when you do it this way, they tend to NOT have directions like on a box from the store.


I am very sloppy about all this, as I have been coloring my hair various shades since I was 14, and various reds since I was 18. I don't know what to tell you about timing.

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