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SOS history - is it really worth it?


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I'm considering getting the History cd for 3rd grade, but i'm wondering.. is it really worth it?


It's hard to beleive that a single CD could be worth nearly $80, or that one CD could provide an entire years worth of history curriculum. I would be wanting to use it as the single source of curriculum - especially at that price.


On the videos i've watched showing how the CD works, it doesn't seem all that impressive.


I have a 3rd grader, and we really want to learn about early American history.


What do you guys think?

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Guest momk2000

We tried SOS one year (grade 3) for Math and Language Arts (have not used the History). Dd did not like SOS at all. I'm sure SOS is a good fit for some, but it just was not for us. After a couple of weeks with SOS, we ended up switching to an alternative for both subjects.

I can tell you what dd loved for Early American History. We used MFW Adventures, and it was a big hit with both dd and myself. She enjoyed learning with it and I enjoyed teaching it. As a bonus, she has also retained much of what she learned with MFW Adv. :001_smile:

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