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Does anyone have a "schedule" for a middle school student doing Trail Guides?


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I am having my 7th grader do this in combo with Runkles and I want her to do it sort of independently. So, I need either a format or a schedule for how you have your child do it. This could be for either the US or the world, it doesn't matter to me. Thansk.;



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My 14yo is using TG to World Geo. and the wkbk from Runkles. This is the paper in the front of her geo notebook. The formatting didn't copy very well, but I think you'll get the picture. We use a 4 day week.


Geography Weekly Plans


Remember to use your best handwriting and only put edited, finished papers and neat, clear maps in your notebook. Decide how to label maps and use the same symbols throught your studies this year (keep a list at the bottom of this page).



  • Answer Geography Trails for today
  • Do a project
  • Day 1- mapping
  • Day 2-4- pick a trail blazing activity (including Geo notebook or art sections)
  • Study from Runkle
  • Study new countries, making sure to stay on track to get continent completed on time- may need to do 2 sections a week
  • Review old countries from same continent
  • Review- can use seterra, puzzles, quick pix, and be able to recognize captials and rivers (no need to memorize)

Labeling Maps



Other Cities-

Bodies of water/river-






Then there is a page with a year long schedule that says to stay on week for trail guides and has the studies from runkle planned out- Africa 6 weeks. I have also made several copies of different black line maps and put them in the back of her notebook and bought one of those pencil cases that will go in a 3-ring binder that has extra fine sharpies, colored pencils, thin markers, and a small ruler so that her supplies are all together.

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