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Can you share your favorite reference-style books? =)

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I'm building up a library of books we can use as reference tools.


What I've been collecting so far are DK-style books (a specific one that comes to mind is an amazing anatomy book they have) that we can pull out as the need arises.


Any suggestions? Are there any other publishers that I should search for?


I'd appreciate any ideas!!! There really isn't any age limitation--I'm looking for pre-school through high school material.





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I would want:


A great Historical Atlas book

Blackline Maps of World History

A big Timeline book

Any and all of David MacAulay's books

All of the Simon Basher science books (awesome!)

Kingfisher History Encyclopedia & Geography Encyclopedia

A high quality dictionary and thesaurus

Reading reference books like A to Zoo, Honey for a Child's/Teen's Heart, etc.


That's all I can come up with on one cup of coffee. ;)

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We have the DK Visual History book. The other books in this series are equally as stunning.


We also have the Kingfisher Science Encyclopedia and the Kingfisher Animal Encyclopedia.


One of our favorite reference books is the giant dictionary a friend that was moving gave us. It's over 6-7" thick and has tiny print. It was copyrighted 1985, so it's not updated but ds loves to us it. We have updated more age appropriate dictionaries as well.


If you have some good thrift stores you might be able to find some grammar handbooks. I've found several over the years, including Little Brown grammar book, Harbrace college handbook (I think that's the title).

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Math to Learn

Math at Hand

Math on Call

Algebra to Go

Geometry to Go


National Geographic Family Atlas of the World


Writers, Inc.

A Word Write Now: Structured Lists for Stylized Writing

A Writer's Guide to Transitional Words and Expressions


Also, an MLA handbook (looking for a good one myself, no recommendations here)



The Timetables of History: A Horizontal Linkage of People & Events


The Student Bible Atlas (by Tim Dowley)

Holman Bible Atlas: A Complete Guide to the Expansive Geography of Biblical History


The Holy Bible (translation of your choice)


2010 World Book Encyclopedia DVD


The American Heritage Dictionary (children's, student and college versions available)


The American Dictionary of the English Language, 1828 edition by Noah Webster


History: The Definitive Visual Guide (DK)


The Kingfisher History Encyclopedia


The Usborne Internet Linked Encyclopedia of World History

The Usborne Science Encyclopedia


The Usborne Internet Linked Mysteries and Marvels of Nature

The Usborne Internet Linked Mysteries and Marvels of Science

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I'm sitting across from our reference shelves right now. I see:


Strong's Concordance

Bible Dictionary

Holman Bible Atlas

Webster's American Family Dictionary

The Synonym Finder

a Latin/English dictionary

a Spanish/English dictionary

Bartlett's Quotations

First Dictionary of Cultural Literacy

Usborne Illustrated history book

MLA Publications Manual (and a little handbook with short versions of all three styles)

Answers Atlas (world)

U.S. Atlas (I think it's National Geographic, it's hard to tell from here :D)

one of the WriteSource books

Elementary Grammar

R&S Grammar handbook

math handbook (from Everyday Mathematics program)

Math Review for Standardized Tests

The American Reader

Timetables of History

How to Spell Like a Champ

Invitation to the Classics

Little, Brown handbook

Lively Art of Writing

Elements of Style


Then it goes into classical ed stuff and book list books. :001_smile: The science reference books are all in another section. I know we have the Usborne I-L Science Encylcopedia and a big human body book with good pictures, also the Nature Handbook.. Also, a box full of field guides (trees, shells, birds, fish, etc.) in general and for our area. I highly recommend those.

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