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'Victory Drill Book' questions....

Beth in SW WA

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What is your routine? Any success stories? I'm beginning VDB soon with dd6.


Dd knows her phonograms and is reading 'beginning readers'.


We take it slow and I'm trying to make learning to read an enjoyable experience. Dd 6 is my only child who wasn't reading fluently by age 5'ish. So I'm actually teaching formal reading skills (for the first time) with kid #4. :)


Thanks in advance!

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I found that for my kiddo there were two issues. One was the experience of knowing phonics and also taking the time to bother (he was big on the old short-cut guessing, and since he was pretty good at it, it was hard to break). Victory Drill makes guessing harder than, say Reading Pathways, which is what we used after PP.


The other big part was just being physically capable of scanning a line smoothly. VDB is page after page of words, and this flapped kiddo until his eyes matured and suddenly he took off, at about 7.5. After that VDB was useful and even fun at times. Before that, torture. For both of us.

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