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Sigh, I have just listened to some of the worst excuse for music ever!

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My ears are begging me to go deaf!


My sil thinks she's a really talented Christian Rocker. She's singing at an outdoor rock fest near here and I felt that I should do my part and show up for moral support though I can't stand this style of music.


Please note that what I am about to say is NOT an exaggeration; it rivals the travails of Imp and her next door neighbor the untalented head banger, and comes from someone who knows what quality music sounds like (I'm a professional pianist and have accompanied amazing jazz artists, opera singers, pop singers, etc.).


Imagine if you will, instead of two guitarists (eyes deceive because there was no way these people were actually playing guitars - I would have recognized it), two guys flinging angry cats about the stage, a drummer who couldn't keep a beat even if it were being tapped on his shoulder by an angry prisoner of war guard, a female ....well, I think she thinks she's an alto but I can't define it that way because one would have to actually nail a note somewhere within a half step of anything that might register somewhere on a tuner, a lead singer (my sil) who thinks that singing through her nose and VERY flat is COOLIO, and a keyboardist that clearly doesn't know how to play a keyboard. Oh, and added to this whole mix is my dear brother who, in his mid-life, is losing the low end of his hearing and HE IS THE SOUND MAN!


If you have conjured up a picture of coyotes baying at the moon, then you have envisioned my pain. I listened to three numbers and left. I just couldn't take it anymore!


Boy is it going to be an adventure in politically correct jargon the next time I see her. Fortunately, she doesn't understand a single musical term of any kind so I can make some hoitty-toitty remarks about timbre and resonance. She'll think I'm paying her a compliment when in actuality it will translate, "Your music is so bad it makes me want to commit suicide!"


If congress needs to declare war somewhere, this band is just the group to send to get the aggression started!!!!



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Your description is hilarious. As a musician, too, we've encountered a few bad performances here and there. :tongue_smilie:


Since she identifies herself as a 'Christian' rocker, you could say they were making a 'joyful noise' and God knows their heart. No need to comment on the technical aspects. Ugghhhh- it sounds awful and I admire you for staying as long as you did!

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Reminds me of the karaoke thing we had at church a few years ago. A lady got up and screeched for 10 minutes. Wouldn't you know it, a few weeks later she had a solo during church services. :001_huh: Our DS has sensory issues and it was all we could do to keep him from running out of the church with his hands over his ears.

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As for the audience response, first all please keep in mind that we live in "redneckville U.S.A." so we are not talking about people of discriminating taste here.


Therefore, there was what I would describe as luke-warm applause. You know, the kind of applause in which clearly everyone feels obligated to clap but without any enthusiasm whatsoever. Of course, my sil's ego is so huge that if she doesn't receive accolades she blames it on the crowd as being "full of jerks" or whatever.


This is where the whole false self-esteem movement comes into play. There was a time in the nation in which one did not applaud unless the performance earned it. Since we've initiated the "tell Johnny that every paltry efffort is worth the highest praise" program of education, I think that many people, my sil included, truly have absolutely no sense of just where their own natural talents lay.


Of course, she gave up her art for this and she was a VERY talented artists - amazing works. So, it's even more frustrating.



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