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Need Advice for History


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Hello Ladies,

Just when I thought I had it figured out I go and confuse myself. We moved recently and with trying to find homeschool support groups and activities for my children I found a MOH 1 co-op. They just meet once a month to do projects and review so nothing big and I have not committed to the co-op yet. My problem is that I have been looking at All American History and MOH. My oldest daughter is in 8th grade, my second in 7th and following last 4th (she is a history pro, just loves the stuff).

My question-What would be best for my children's ages to make sure the older two are prepared for High School.

Would it be way too much to do MOH 1 and AAH 1 in one year?


I also saw where you could do MOH 3 and AAH 1 together seeing that those two books cover the same time periods. Anyone actually done that?


I feel like I am running out of time to decide seeing our school year is

coming up. Is taking on two history programs with different time periods way too much? Be honest!

Just any help if anyone has had the same kind of problem.



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You might want to ask on the MOH High School yahoo group. Several of the gals there have used both, so you might find an answer there. My guess is they will say don't worry about it in 8th, but once in high school, there are a couple of gals who have done more than one book a year.


8th: MOH 1

9th: MOH 2 & 1/2 of AAH 1

10th MOH 3 & 1/2 of AAH 1

11th MOH 4 & Economics

12th AAH 2 & Civics


Something like that gets you through all the books and the traditional required courses. You could use the schedule to combine MOH and AAH if you prefer. MOH will focus on world history. Not that it won't cover US history but it won't go in depth.



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I would base my decision on what sequence I've done, and on my goals for the future. Both resources are great. MOH 1 is a little light for high school, but I think it's fine for your kids. Haven't seen AAH except on the web--looks awesome--wanted to use it for my dd for 5th but we are going to do ps.

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