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kindergarten math (especially MUS users)


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What should my goals for K math be? MUS users, did you do the Primer with your K-er? My older daughter, we didn't really start math until 1st grade. Would love to hear your experiences/suggestions/ideas. My son is interested in math, and I'd like to keep that interest alive. :D

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My oldest did Alpha in K, and we just took our time. He "got" it very quickly though, so what I thought would carry us into 1st grade we actually ended up finishing in the early spring. We then started Beta, but after a few weeks of that a friend told me of Usborn's Sticker Math. My son loved that book, so I just let him do that until the fall of 1st grade, when we picked up Beta again. He finished Beta and Gamma in 1st. I am not good at math, so it is a little frustrating to me to move at his speed, but he is doing great with it and loves math.


With my second boy, I did buy the Primer. I am pretty sure it will take us from now through Christmas, the early lessons are extremely simple. In retrospect, I probably wouldn't have bought Primer and just started him on Alpha after Christmas. However, I am sure he will love having his own book and using the blocks just like his older brother.

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We are doing Alpha for ds5 kindergarten. He is really enjoying it. DH is teaching him. We decided he had to do 2 pages a day. Many days, however, he wants to do and does more than that on concepts that are easier for him.


I think it's a great compliment to kindergarten. We started at the end of June (just to do a little school over the summer) and he will probably finish by December and start Alpha in January.

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My 4-yr-old started in Primer, flew through the first half, and now we're slowing down to make sure she really gets all of the addition angles. I have Alpha lined up for when she's done. We also have Singapore and occasionally she wants to do that instead. We pretty much do as much or as little as she wants to, and she enjoys the MUS. She calls it, "silly math." :D

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We haven't used Primer, and I don't think I would. I would be inclined to move slowly through Alpha.


My goals for K math are:

counting to 100

adding #s 1-5 (1+1 up to 5+5)--not from memory at this point

understanding the concept of subtraction

understanding more/fewer, less/greater

1:1 correspondence using manipulatives

place values 1's and 10's


If you moved slowly through Alpha and printed worksheets off their website as needed, I think you could easily get these concepts. My K'er is using Saxon 1 and will be picking up the pace when she is ready, or will move to MUS Alpha.

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We start with preschool type math activities like Kumon workbooks and Making Math Meaningful K and 1 at age 4 or 5. Then we move into MUS Alpha at 5 or 6.


I bought MUS Primer once and in the introductory video he said that it didn't matter if they mastered the concepts in Primer because they would cover everything again in Alpha. I just figured why bother doing it then!


Preschool math ideas:


Making Math Meaningful K


Making Math Meaningful manipulatives


My Book of NUmber Games 1-70


My Book of Simple Addition


Making Math Meaningful 1

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