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S/O-Making copies of workbooks-what if you're changing the formal


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to fit your DC's needs better?


My DD is advanced in some areas, but writing isn't one of them, so for LfC, I'm pretty much redoing every single worksheet and quiz for her so she can draw lines and connect vocabulary, cut words out and paste them in place, or just plain making the blanks big enough that she can manage the writing. I've done this for other subjects at times as well to allow her to do the work in a way other than 100% oral, while not getting beyond what she can physically handle.


Does this count as "consuming" the material or not? If it does, what should I do with the book when we're finished?

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Yes, I would say you have used the workbook and legally it should be thrown away.


If you are typing up your own exercises or just using the text (is there a text?) and making up your own on a dry erase board or something then you could sell or pass on your wkbk.


If you are using pretty much every exercise from the wkbk just in a way that takes less writing then you are using the wkbk, and in many cases reselling or even passing it on would be against the copywrite.

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