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Driving from DC to Knoxville...


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We are planning a trip to Knoxville from the DC area and would like to break up the drive a bit by stopping at some cool/interesting places along the way. Any recommendations? The kids are DS7, DS6, DD2, DD 11months.

Any recommendations for a place to stay the night would be great as well. We are thinking of driving halfway, stopping to see something and spend the night at a hotel, and then drive the rest of the way the following day. And then do the same thing on the way back.

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- Natural Bridge area also has a zoo http://www.naturalbridgezoo.com/

- Luray Caverns would be neat - and nice and cool this time of year

- In Wytheville, Skeeters World Famous Hot Dogs is a local institution

- Depending on the weekend, there's the Green Valley Book Fair near Bridgewater

- Bristol area (right on border) has Carter Music place and Bristol caverns http://www.bristolva.org/Brisdes01/index.html


Enjoy your trip!

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Skyline drive - pack a picnic and enjoy the scenery if you're not in a huge hurry.

Endless Cavern - right on 81 after you get off 66.

Lexington, VA - great for history buffs. Can take a horse and buggy ride though historic downtown (very small, cute, quick and cheap.) You can also grab a quick ice cream cone and walk along either VMI or W&L campus -give the kids a chance to run around, parents can see a bit of history.

Natural bridge - beautiful and good for kids, plus it has a zoo and a toy museum.


Check out this site for tons of museums, attractions, etc.


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