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S/0 Water Thread - How Much Electricity and NG

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I found the amounts of water used and its cost in the water useage thread interesting. Let's do the same for electricity and natural gas.


To get a good contrast, report worst case winter and summer numbers if you have them. Also, if it's not apparent in your WTM information, please add your locale.


I'll go first. I'm in St. Charles, MO, which is a suburb of St. Louis


Winter Electricity - 1316 kWh, $119.29

Summer Electricity - 1746 kWh, $149.04


Winter NG - 147 CCF or 148.5 therms, $139.13

Summer NG - 19 CCF or 19.2 therms, $33.38

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We live in NW Arkansas. Our July gas bill was 41CCF and $40.98. July's electric bill was 4,310 kwh and $385. This month's should be about the same or a bit higher as it's been so hot the AC has been on 24/7 and can't keep up.


In the winter the gas runs @ $150-$175 and the electric @ $200-$225.


Our house is older and poorly insulated. We freeze all winter and roast all summer. We plan to find another rental in the spring.

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