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Does Apologia Flying Creatures have a Lab Kit I can buy?


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1. Does Apologia Flying Creatures have a Book List of recommended reading (for living books) Or is there a list out there that has been created by homeschoolers? I know I am going with Flying Creatures and *thought* I read somewhere that inside the book has recommended books as supplements?

Do I have that correct.

does anyone have the list and care to share one or two of the titles with me? thanks ..:lurk5:

I will also just check out library books but have been curious about this for some time. I plan to start Science in about 3 weeks.


2. For Apologia Flying Creatures.. is there a pre-packaged Lab Kit?

It doesn't look like it. I checked that website that has the science kits (sorry I fogot the name of it) and I didn't see any.

Do the lab kits that you can buy start at the higher levels only?

I don't want to collect my own materials LOL even if they are readily available household items.

ha ha.. just wondering if there is such a thing?


I also saw a Link somewhere for Lapbook to go with Flying Creatures? That was Cool. Is that put out by Apologia or is someone else creating those.


I would like to be clued in on Any stuff that *goes along with* or is Great to Supplement alongside Flying Creatures.


I figured you guys would know all about it .. thanks in advance


Loretta (DS 7):bigear: I am all ears .. lol

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This store seems to have a lot of supplemental material. Here is a link to the lab kit you could use.


CBD also has this kit for a higher price. Apologia materials are on sale this month, but the kit might not be made by them so I don't know if it is on sale or not.


We're doing the botany study this year and I am very excited!




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