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update to why I am homeschooling/gifted teacher fiasco

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so..more chaos at the local school. After talking to both the school admin, the gifted teacher, and the county gifted admin several times each, starting last May, and being told everything was set up, I got an email today at noon that I needed to go register him with the school...the one he has gone to for years.The one that starts Monday. So I went. They were closed...would reopen at 3:30 -6:30. Went back at 4pm, school open, office locked. Found principal. She told me to go to office. Was suprised it was locked. Turns out the teen "helpers" locked it so they could hang out and the secretaries were sitting there letting them. The secretaries ignored me until the principal told her she needed to help me. Then when I explained it she told me that they could probably look him up in the system, and I probably don't have to register. They seemed to think that was enough. I just stood there staring at them until one of them said "well, we I guess we could try to look him up now..." I said please. They looked him up then told me yes, they can find him. They may still be able to find him later, they may not. That it can be taken care of when he comes to gifted if there is a problem. By this time it is meet the teacher time again, so we go to the portable so Michael can see the new classroom. We catch the gifted teacher leaving the classroom because it isn't set up yet and is 85 degrees in there because the AC wasn't turned on. We ask to see it anyway because this is our 3rd trip this week **** it! We see hot, stinky, not set up classroom. And we left. Oh, and saw 3rd and 4th grade sisters wearing matching mini skirts and high heels. And did I mention the heat index is 106 degrees and we had to park half a mile away?

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no, I'd like to but my son really wants to go. And last year he did learn a lot, the did an ecology unit and even set up an entire paper recycling project for the whole school. The school even earned money from it. This year they will be doing logic and deductive reasoning, as well as ancient civilizations. sigh.

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