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favorite online study guide for lit??

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In the past, I've purchased Spark notes study guides online. They are ok and get the job done, but I'm open to trying something else. I think the Fah 451 study guide by Progeny Press is EXCELLENT, but their Frankenstein guide was just so-so. (with PP, it depends on who wrote the guide :001_smile:).

My ds is a senior who has done literary analysis since 9th grade :tongue_smilie: (can we say overkill??), so I'm looking for depth for discussion not analysis.


Do you have a favorite guide for :

The Time Machine (I have a Signet classic guide I found online, but would like something more in depth.)


The Martian Chronicles




That Hideous Strenght Does one exist??


Thanks :001_smile:



ETA: Several years ago, I listened to an excellent MP3 lecture on Til We Have Faces. I've tried to find something on That Hideous Strength, but I've haven't as of yet.

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