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First week of school wrap-up


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We're wrapping up our first week of our new school year! Yay-we made it! :tongue_smilie:


So far this week, we have accomplished everything that I planned and then some! Woohoo!!!

The biggest "hits" have been:

~WWE 1 for my 1st grader! She loves it! I am so impressed with her copywork (this is the first time we're doing anything like this!)


~WWE 3 for my son. My very reluctant writer did great with it so far this week! He said it was pretty easy! We'll be adding in FLL next week!


~AAS Level 1 for both. My son is already on Step 4, dd is working more slowly since she's only in 1st grade.


~WP Animal Habitats! The weather put a little wrench in our plans this week and prevented us from doing the outside parts, but we enjoyed our reading and may do the rest of week 1 over the weekend!


~Latin Road to English Grammar--my 8th grader gives this a thumbs up, so far! She was not thrilled with having to do Latin, but it turns out that this program is "not as bad" as she thought it would be! LOL!



For those that have just started back to school, how was your first week(s)?

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End of our week too! It went pretty well - it's our first official week ever. (we did a little of this and that over the summer)


FLL1 and 3 are still both good, although I'm starting to get a little tired of nouns in FLL1 :) I think we will have to go a little faster. Also my third grader said she doesn't like diagramming sentences - waah. I LOVE diagramming sentences, so I'm hoping it will grow on her.


WWE1 and WWE2 were great. I had started my third grader in WWE3 earlier this summer. Definitely the right move to go down to WWE2. Narrations are going more smoothly.


Math went very smoothly.


Started BFSU 1st lesson with much trepidation, and after a slightly rocky start, it went great! We all had fun organizing a bin of random stuff.


Only did one section of Introduction for SOTW1. Will have to do more next week. We did do some of the supplementary reading.


I need a better system for getting my younger daughter's reading into the day.


Vocab - Started Wordly Wise 3000 level 1 with my first grader who loved it. She actually used one of the vocab words spontaneously the very next day. Yay! Tried to start level 3 with my third grader and she totally balked, so we are going to just dump it. I was trying to find something extra for her since spelling is so easy for her. She said she'd rather start Latin!


Didn't get enough piano or Chinese practice in, but next week is another week!


For those of you who've been there, done that, when does the novelty wear off and the resistance begin? I can see that my third grader still has some baggage from attending school, and I wonder if it spells trouble down the road. OTOH, she was begging to homeschool last year, so maybe it will be fine.


Would love to hear from others!

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The first week is over here too. Whew! I am easing into it so we didn't have tons to do. Our first day included fun 'all about you' work and Schulteuete. We got to grammar and math everyday, began our study of ancient pre-columbian civilizations, did a clay project to make an Aztec snake god and did a paper sculpture for art. We started read-aloud time too. Not a crushing schedule but the 'fun' stuff really helped get the year off to a good start I think. Next week we're adding in reading. We'll do science in a nature sort of way next week by starting a tree/leaf project.

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We split our first week up into two weeks so I could go visit my new nephew in Philly.:001_wub: Things have been going great so far! Starting our new housework routine a couple weeks early was a good move, now the kids are pretty comfortable with it and keeping the worst of the mess at bay, which is nice after a busy summer with no real structure for cleaning. This is my first year schooling DD5, and she is a delight to teach! Everyone LOVES math, esp DD9 who is doing LoF and TT. Reading is going well for everyone except DS, who still struggles...my goal is that all 4 will be reading independently for pleasure by the end of the school year. I think it should be attainable. I'm loving WWE1! I'm getting the least resistance from DS of any writing curriculum we've used. Everyone loves Bible Study Guide for All Ages and REAL Science 4 Kids. SOTW has been our only disappointment--DD9 is the only one who is following it well. I may just have her read it on her own and do read-alouds for history. Not sure though, since I've already made $20 worth of photocopies.:glare:


For those of you who've been there, done that, when does the novelty wear off and the resistance begin? I can see that my third grader still has some baggage from attending school, and I wonder if it spells trouble down the road. OTOH, she was begging to homeschool last year, so maybe it will be fine.


Would love to hear from others!


You know, I don't know that it has to. My kids LOVE school--they were all excited to start again. I'm not saying they'll still feel this way in Jr. High necessarily, but I do what I can to make school engaging and interesting, and it is fun for us. But I think we all crave routine too, and were ready for things to calm down after so much running around this summer.

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First week ever here! A good week.

Just the basics so far. Bible, Reading/phonics, math and handwriting.

Planning to add in art, science and history (1x /week each) as we go through September.

First field trip is next week. Yea!

Choir begins next week and ballet in Sept.

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Our first week went well, too. Ds started a new level of MUS and it's going smoothly and he's glad to move on to different topics. We've continued with Abecedarian B, but we've only got about a month left and then ds will continue with AAS and dd will do ABCD C (I think). I've decided to use kid selected books for free reading for a while. They're not great lit, but the kids are enjoying reading more. Our big hit was Oak Meadow! I liked the emphasis on narration and composition, but I expected resistance. To my complete amazement, neither kid has complained about the amount of writing expected at all.


Next week, I'm going to ramp up and add it recorder practice and Espanol para Chicos y Grandes. Our Friday half-day school starts next week, too.


The biggest hit for extracurriculars so far was Ballet. Ds showed up for the first day of class and found out there are FOUR boys in the 18 kid class. I'm astonished and super happy for him! He would have taken the class even if he were the only boy because he likes to dance, but it will be so much more fun with other boys there.

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Guest Cindie2dds

I'm delighted how it went. We started slowly with only two days this week, just to get back in the swing of things. It's been fun and comfortable since we did Oak Meadow K last year. :)

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We just finished up week 2 here. Still not a full load, but mostly a full load this week! He did GREAT and I told him I was very impressed with his work ethic & good attitude (pretty much) all week.


He's LOVING Singapore Math. It's so awesome to see a child just devour a subject and thrive with a good program. MEP we worked with some last year and he was excited to get back to it again this week.


Our new biggie is K12's LA program. He LOVES the literature program (it really is awesome!!). And he seems to like the writing, vocab & spelling too. I thought it was going to be a TON of work but really it's not--and a lot of the "extra" stuff people tend to skip with this program is FUN!! He's done some cute projects this week! :)


He's loved SOTW from the get go and we're in the middle of volume 2 right now... it was one of the two subjects he *wanted* to do over the summer (at first! :tongue_smilie:) He was glad to get back to it this week!! We're working on learning how to outline (I'm doing the outlining, just so he can see what will be expected of him in the coming years & to help with note-taking & study skills)...he thinks he's so grown, having an outline to go by! :D


It's been an overall great week!!! Next week will be our last until we get back from vacation, then we'll have a full load (adding science & latin)... crossing fingers the moral stays up in the meantime!!!


So glad to hear everyone's first week(s) back are going well!!:001_smile:

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We just wrapped up our first week too. Ok, technically it was just three days of work and an orientation day.


LA - MCT Town was a HUGE hit. DS is rediscovering his love of language. Not to mention that I think he learned more in one week than he would have learned in several months of ps. We got through the first chapter of Caesar's English and about half of the parts of speech section in Grammar Town.


Math - We started the MM blue series Multiplication 2 book. It's all review at this point, but ds needs to cement his multiplication facts in his brain. We also started using Quizlet for flashcard work and he seems to really like it. I have to keep reminding him that the goal is to *not* have to think about it. I've discovered that the harder, multistep problems are easier for ds than the simple problems. Strange. As soon as he cements those math facts, we'll start incorporating LOF, which ds is really looking forward to.


History - We got through the first chapter of Tools of the Ancient Romans, put all the dates on a timeline, read a primary source about how to properly care for your slaves, and watched part of Engineering an Empire. So far so good.


Science - DS read an introduction to chemistry and we made homemade ice cream. Although we had to alter the recipe from Fizz, Bubble, & Flash, which did not call for nearly enough sugar.


I decided to hold off on starting the other subjects until next week.


Aside from ds having lots and lots of anxiety about starting the new school year, I thought that it went well.


And I also learned that ds does well doing school on our king-size bed. He can flop and flail around to his heart's content. Flopping and flailing help keep him focused! :willy_nilly:

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Just finished week 1 here, too. Most things went well.


My 12yo has actually done really well with a greatly increased workload. He just can't stand to write. He needs to (handwrite) more in order to make it easier - this is what my father said finally made his writing better was writing, writing, and writing. I did let him type his grammar lessons. I decided to let him take his World Geography course online as opposed to a textbook I have bought for him - I needed something else that would take less of my time.


My 9yo has exceeded my expectations. I am scrambling to figure out what to give him next week to keep him engaged. He wants "more schoolwork" but that is difficult to do for a non-fluent reader. In Math he is mastering material much faster than I anticipated, so we will probably be getting through 2 years of math instead of 1 this year.


My 7yo is doing really well as well! He does 4 pages of math a day without much trouble. He is picking up cursive more easily than I thought he would. I still need to work on getting a little extra time in with him so that we can work on his weak areas.


My 6yo is doing as expected. She gets her work done and always wants more. She has been using her spare time to read favorite books over and over.


I need to work on sticking to the schedule more closely, keeping the computer off during the day, and enforcing our "school rules" regarding noise and behavior.

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Great first week here!


CLE seems to be working well. It's challenging, but the kids are tolerating it well enough. Dare I say they might even like it? (Not yet!)


Nancy Larson Science---HUGE hit! We love it. I've given an early review here.


My combo of CHOW/Usborne World History/MapTrek got off to a pretty good start.


Finally, I'm surprised how easy this first week went. The kids finished all their work by lunchtime, and there wasn't (much) prodding/complaining, etc.. I don't want to jinx myself, but maybe we've finally found our homeschooling groove....

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Our first week back too. It was a little unnerving for me. I got sick last fall and so put the kids in a private school in December. I was so excited to start homeschooling again, but with not doing it last year, it felt like I was starting for the first time.


We had a good week though. Just did the basics to start out slowly. I love homeschooling, I don't know what I was worried about.



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We started Monday as well. Our first week went amazingly well AND I was able to keep up with the laundry. :lol: Seriously, that's huge for me! I also was able to keep up with pre-reading and note taking so that I could have better discussions with my jr. high guys.


We have band on Wednesdays so that is our light day. But band doesn't start til after Labor Day so we had a low-key day Wed. It really was nice to have a breather in the middle of the week like that. We went to the park....practice run for getting in the car and rushing off to class but it was more fun. :001_smile:


My oldest dd is excited to be doing real science experiments like real scientists. This week we tested 2 gliders with different sized wings. (We're using Zoology I from Apologia.)


My 11yo ds is really enjoying George Washington's World. We are lapbooking it (very, very, simply) He says history is his favorite subject. (This was an 11th hour change if ever there was one. Thursday night I was reading/notetaking MOH and it just wasn't doing it for me so I rushed to the homeschool library Friday morning and checked out GWW which I had sold on this board thinking I was going to do the 4 year MOH cycle...HA!)


My 10yo ds who struggles immensely with everything is doing remarkably well after some vision therapy this summer. Math is his biggest struggle...so far so good.


We are trying out Saxon Grammar for the first time this year. I was worried it might be too much especially for my struggling 5th grader. So far it's perfect and I LOVE it. I do it orally with my 5th grader and it only takes about 10-15 min. It really does cover topics that Analytical Grammar did not. As of 1 week into it, I'm happy I made the switch...and that is always subject to change. :D


My happiest thing is that I scheduled everything with enough time and in many cases with time to spare so we don't have to work at break neck speed to get everything done. I scheduled an hour for Math/LA with my 1st grader and it's only taking 40 min. That gives me 20 min. to throw in a load of laundry and work puzzles with my 3yo. That makes me super happy.


Right now the only thing I'm re-thinking is my planner. I had filled out the Well-Planned Day for the first six weeks but it's not gelling with my brain. So I stayed up last night and customized a planner that I think will work better for me. I only filled in one week though, in case I don't like it either.


Here's to a happy 2nd week for everyone!!

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First week went fantastically! We are starting slow, though not as slowly as I envisioned since they wanted more and more and more. Well, the 2 year could have done with a little less, but I could build and drive trucks with him as needed, plus he's happy to sit on laps to read just about anything.

The highlight of the week was burying artifacts in a section of the empty lot next door and digging them up two days later. We learned that archaeologists have to be VERY patient since it took us forever to find what we buried ourselves! We also learned they probably don't get frustrated by the slow process and bring in a rake because that might just end up breaking the precious artifact (or plate, in our experience).

Plus, my 4 yo has been begging to learn to read and knows almost all of her phonograms, so I started a learning to read book (100 Easy Lessons) with her. The pride on her face is so precious! She shows the book to anyone who comes a'knocking.

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