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That blue is beautiful! The cabinets, which, imo, were nice in the before pic, shine!


Where did your fridge go? :001_smile:


We widened the pantry door and put it in there.


Next question: What did you do with your food? ;)


That small blue cabinet and the 'dry bar' in the living room.


The countertop was resurfaced (=spray painted); we hired someone to do it.

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Would you tell us all about the back splash? Where you got it? How it's installed? Ballpark cost?


I love it.


Also did you just put handles on the cabinets or put in new cabinets?


Beautiful job!




The backsplash is called Fasade. It is plastic made to look like tin. It was really our only option for covering three-dimensional ceramic tile without ripping out the tile (which I was told would wreck the sheetrock and necessitate taking down the cabinets and putting up new sheetrock.) It was not as cheap as one might hope . . . just under $400. (But we do have a lot of backsplash . . .) I installed it myself, which wasn't too bad. The seams are slightly visible close up, but other than that it is OK.


Same old cabinets, just repainted and hardware added.

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