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Latin for Children questions

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We listen to the cd (chants of the vocab) and watch the video the first day. On subsequent days we review the vocab and verb tenses, do the worksheet pages in the workbook and the other sheets in the activity guide. On the last day, we do the chapter quiz. We make our our flashcards and review vocab when we are in the car, or on the bus, etc...Hope that helps.

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It's set up so you can design what your week will look like. The schedule in the front is just their suggestion.


A typical week at our house looks like this.

Day 1: DVD lesson, do the new chant a few times

Day 2: Read the lesson in the book, do the first side of the worksheet in the primer, chants

Day 3: Do the other side of the worksheet, usually derivatives, and an activity page, chants

Day 4: Do whatever activity pages are left, or play around on http://www.headventureland.com

Day 5: Quiz


My oldest doesn't care much for most of the activity book pages, and would rather poke his eyes with a spork than do a crossword to practice anything related to school. He just writes in the translation work on those pages, or reviews it orally with me. My second child however, adores the activity guide and really needs the extra practice it gives.

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