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Have any great plum recipes?

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Our tree was covered in plums last night so we went picking! Last year we may have had a dozen. This year we picked two huge stock pots full and there are more left to ripen.


So now what do I make?


If it is a jam recipe, I have never done the hot water bath method and haven't got a clue how to do it or have the proper materials.

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I made this recipe yesterday:


I used plums and nectarines, added 1/2 t cinnamon to the cake batter, and baked for 60 minutes rather than 40. It came out perfectly! :drool5:

BTW, I think one of the reviews mentioned that if froze really well, so you could make more than one, and save one for the grayer days of fall when the summer fruits are all gone.


ETA: You shouldn't have to do a water bath for jam.

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Thanks everyone! I had 40 cups of plums this morning :) They were the small plums so that was a lot of pits!


I made lots of jam and an applesauce plum concoction. The cake and cobbler are next on my list as well as a pie tomorrow.


alpidarkomama do you have a recipe you could share ? please :)



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