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My brother has cancer. Prayer request.

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My little brother, whom I adore, has just been diagnosed with colon cancer, stage 2. Our family is just so shocked and saddened. He will have 14 weeks of chemo and radiation followed by surgery. My brother has been aware that this was a possibility for the last month and a half but kept it to himself until he knew for certain. It hasn't spread to his liver or lungs so that is good news. I am so worried for him. I'm worried for my parents whose are so scared for him.


My brother is kind hearted, the life of the party, happy-go-lucky, strong and very handsome. My children just love him. We haven't told them because we want them to be happy around my brother to keep his spirits lifted.


Will you please pray that my brother, Mike, can endure the treatment and receive a complete recovery. He recieves the port next Wed (is that the 26th?) I'm not sure when the chemo/rad. will begin, probably shortly after the port is in place.


My family had planned to go out West but the night before my parents were to leave (they were going to join us) my Mom felt that God told her she should not go. My kids said they didn't want to go without their grandparents so we decided to come visit my parents at their home. This is why I had a few posts about sightseeing in North Dakota followed by sighseeing posts in MO. Had we all went out west, my brother would have had to face receiving the news and his port and starting treatment while we were gone.


Thank you for reading and for your prayers.

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My brother-in-law had colon cancer. The treatment was rough--really rough, but he has made a complete recovery. Treatment is much more successful than previously.


However, I know this is a frightening time for you. I lost my 40 year old baby brother to a blood clot about 18 months ago. Spending time with your brother is the right thing to do. Try to live in the moment. Don't be suprised if your kids pick up on the fact that something is wrong. My prayers will be with you.





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:grouphug: My MIL just had surgery for colon cancer earlier this year. She is 77 years old and she was up and walking the next day, out of the hospital in less than a week and back at work within a month. If it has mastetized (sp?) his odds are pretty good. I know how scary it can be. I will be thinking of you and your family.

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I am back home and able to get on the internet. I am so thankful for all of your kind words, prayers and cyber hugs. Today was the day he received the port. So, now everything probably is feeling so much more real to him. He is a strong guy who puts on a brave and happy face for all those around him.


It is so hard for me to be gone so far away. My kiddos stayed with my parents so they are near my brother. The bad things is that they are now so homesick and they won't be able to get home until Labor Day weekend.


Thanks again for your prayers.

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:grouphug: I'm praying for Mike to have successful treatment and to have a speedy recovery. It sounds like you have a wonderful, close and supportive family, and I'm praying for all of you too.


Since your kids are there, they're undoubtedly picking up bits of information and probably have some idea of what's going on. You may want to be honest with them. The success rate is very high, so it doesn't have to be presented to them in such a way that they would treat their uncle any differently. iykwim But I can understand your decision either way. Hopefully they won't be too home sick, and them being there may be a great help in keeping the focus off of all the waiting and worrying. :grouphug:

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My Mother told me he is in a bit of pain and has taken some meds that have knocked him out. He will be getting an appointment at a place I think is called Burnes. It is in St. Louis, MO.


My Mom had to tell my oldest girl because she was so homesick and was begging my parents to take her home but they couldn't leave as they had to take Mike in for the port the next day. It is a 17 hour drive back home. The good news is that today she has yet to cry. The youngest doesn't know anything yet but if she sees him in pain she might wonder. So far she has been nothing but a wonderful distraction for him. Both girls adore my brother.


Thanks again for my Hive friends.

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