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New Food Challenge if anyone want to join me

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I am giving up Nightshade vegetables for 30 days to see what happens with my health. Supposedly the nightshade vegetables contribute to arthritis and athritis symptoms. I am hoping that removing them from my diet will help my achey Lyme disease riddled joints.


The vegetables to be excluded are: potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant and peppers.


I will begin tomorrow.


If anyone wants to join in you are more than welcome.

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I know my dad (with fibromyalgia and three different types of arthritis) tested positive in an allergy test to nightshade veggies. Any other month and I think I would join you, just to try. Unfortunately, I've got eggplants, tomatoes & Yukon Golds in my garden waiting for harvest this month...


I'd love to know how it goes for you though. It might be worth an elimination test later in the year for me.

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Tomatoes? Truly? That is one of few foods I couldn't live without.


Does the bad truly outweigh the good with my precious ruby fruit??? In my eyes they are right up there with bananas on my God's Perfect Foods list.


The rest of those nightshades I could give up. If I didn't have always hungry teenagers that need filling up, I'd say that potatoes are highly overrated.


But not my beloved tomatoes.


ETA - Congrats on your successful biking challenge! And I do hope that this elimination diet is successful for you. It is so convenient to know what foods are bad triggers for us.

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Dd8 is allergic to both eggplant and to peppers. So far she seems to do ok with tomatoes and potatoes. So she's joining you on half of the challenge!


I am currently joining you on a slightly different half!


I can have tomatoes and peppers, but am allergic to eggplant and potatoes.


Do you want to join me in eating wild game and weird grains like teff?

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I haven't done a lot of reserch on it, but seveal years ago, my mom heard somewhere that mushrooms can make arthritis worse. She loved mushrooms, but she stopped eating them and her arthritis improved greatly.


Mushrooms, huh? I'll have to research that. I have been eating mushrooms and egg whites every morning for about a week.

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