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Well I will add my vent here. Any school that wants course descriptions for home schoolers but not for others. Why? Because I have found that home schoolers tend to be much more conscientious about finishing texts and actually studying the material stated than what I experienced in my schooling at a top school system and also what I observed with students who are now or recently attended high schools in the areas I lived in. See when we do English= we actually read books, write papers, discuss books, etc. My example is ninth and tenth grade English classes that basically did none of these things. We found stupid articles in magazines and wrote a review (the only writing I recall doing in 10th grade). Then the kids who wrote college applications for English, the papers that are written but just checkmarked for having been done, etc, etc. So while I know that there are conscientious teachers in public schools, I also know that a college can't count on that. It is why we have standardized tests. But what more information do you need then Algebra 1 on the transcript? It is easy enough to check out their math score on the ACT or SAT and figure out if they know ALgebra.

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Well I will add my vent here. Any school that wants course descriptions for home schoolers but not for others. Why?


I'm actually kind of glad that the colleges ask homeschoolers for course descriptions. It's just another chance that we get to showcase the individualized education that our students receive. I think that the more you have the chance to say, the more your student can stand out and be remembered by an admissions reviewer.




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Any school that wants course descriptions for home schoolers but not for others. Why?


I fully suspect at least some schools use that to figure out who's used religious vs secular texts - and how religious those texts are. I'll admit that using certain texts (such as Apologia for high school science - or BJU for anything) has been a subject of concern for such reasons, but hubby and I like the fact that our boys tutor their ps counterparts for Chemistry (Apologia) and math (TT there, but that shouldn't be an issue as it's secular) and learned a lot using BJU Cultural Geography, so we came to the conclusion that if a college wishes to discriminate due to our choices, our boys wouldn't have been a good fit for those places anyway, nor would we want to pay anything to support such a school. We're more concerned with their education than satisfying someone in admissions.


I don't plan to detail out their math courses - just list the publisher and title. I agree with you that their SAT/ACT scores ought to show they've learned it.


I think it's kind of necessary to detail English as much of that is more variable.


Ditto that with any "special" courses a student takes.


FAFSA and Profiles are hubby's domain. He deals with our taxes too. I'd go crazy!

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