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WWYD? A foot problem

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Okay. Last fall, I dropped a large bottle of wine on my foot -- it slipped through the grocery bag. It landed where the toe meets the foot, near the big toe. I limped for a few days. I saw a basic clinic physician who took an x-ray and said there was no breakage. It did eventually get better. That area of my foot was making crackling noises.


This spring, I started up walking again for exercise, and my right foot would begin going numb and bothering me (in the same area) after about 40 min of walking. Eventually, I was hobbling, and the crackling sound returned. So, I saw a podiatrist who x-rayed it for stress fractures, recommended some stretching, high-dosage anti-inflammatory and foot pads. The foot pads hurt, but I continued with the rest. He wanted to see me back in a month.


He didn't seem to think that the injury had anything to do with it. He thought it could have been related to increased walking so suddenly. Two years prior, I was the person who could speed walk 1-2 hours a day on my treadmill. I switched to an indoor bike b/c my treadmill broke and we could never find one to fit in that space. Well, the bike doesn't burn the same calories, and it was bothering my knees. I had to cycle with so much resistance in order to actually get my hear rate up.


While waiting for my next appt., I spoke to my piano teacher who has a great orthopedic who helps her with foot problems and also performed surgery on her hand (some chairs fell against her hand). She recommended seeing him -- not a podiatrist. So I made an appt. It was for Aug 16.


Aug 16 came, and Ben was sick. My mom, who was supposed to watch him, could not watch him because she has to be very careful being around sick people. She he one lung and has complications if she gets sick. She ended up in the hospital when we accidentally gave her a cold several months ago. So, I had to cancel. The next available appt is in the middle of Sept.


My foot is getting worse. I have tried walking around the house barefoot. It hurts more and it cracks like crazy. It hurts a little less wearing my sandals. I tried wearing tennis shoes today, but that's bothering me to. I am getting to the point where I am limping.


Mind you, with our insurance, we pay everything until we reach $5,000, so the idea of going back and forth between doctors does not appeal to me. But, I am worried about waiting a month.


Should I make an appt with my general physician in hopes that she can either get me in sooner or x-ray it?


Should I go back to the initial podiatrist?


Should I just suffer for a month.


BTW -- this orthopedic is also so popular that you wait 1-3 hours even when you have an appt. I would also like to discuss my knees with him, so I have two reasons to want to see him.


Thanks for reading so much.


BTW -- the possibility of not being able to exercise in the future is driving me batty.

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I have all the issues you mention. My horse stepped on my foot and I heard a pop, then intense pain. I thought he broke a toe and never had it checked.; I get that popping you speak of and my foot goes numb on long walks. I finally went to a podiatrist this year and had orthotics made. I had to break them in slowly but the TRULY do help. They are hard, though, and they cost around $500. I can go on long walks again.


I recently was in a store called The Walking Company. I've been in pain because I refused to wear sneakers all summer and have been wearing sandals. I wanted to see what TWC had. I found out they have this new technology where they scan your foot and make SOFT orthotics. I'm DYING to try these! They can also make custom sandals and even flip flops!


I'd suggest you go to the orthopedic, even though it's a month out. Your GP won't help you. But I'd also see if maybe a gel insert in a shoe brings some relief. I can absolutely NEVER walk barefoot, it KILLS my feet. Tile floors cause me EXTREME pain. Please wear a good shoe, even in your house.

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