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Do y'all write in your workbooks?

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I had all my math mammoth worktexts made into work books and my kids write in those. This makes my life so much easier! It cost me like $20 something (color and b/w) at office depot but we also have Growing w Grammar work books. Originally my thoughts were to have them do all their work on loose leaf but now two weeks into school, I am SO OVER THAT!!!


It's like more work for me to grade three kids work on loose leaf instead of just flipping through the workbooks. My original thought was I could pass these books down but now I'm thinking really - it's only not THAT much for the workbooks!!


I'm just beginning to wonder, how much money am I really going to save copying everything out of the spelling workbooks (I just switched to Spelling Workout). I'm copying (printing in Draft but for three kids - ink is going to cost me a fortune.


What's y'alls opinion?


I have a 12 yo, 10 yo, 8 yo and 4 yo - I'm just not sure the added benefit of passing down and "reselling" will outweigh the added expense of the copying and extra time in grading and added to their work time.

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We write in the workbooks. Most of the time, there's little or no savings if you're copying (assuming it's a reproducible workbook and there's no copyright infringement) and using paper and toner and wear-and-tear on the printer, etc... I'll copy individual pages as needed, but not whole workbooks.

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It depends on the workbook.


I make copies of my chosen SOTW Activity Guide pages, since I have 3 kids using them and 2 more will be coming behind them. Since we don't always use every single page, my copy costs aren't huge.


For WWE, my first dd used the student pages. My second dd is just using lined paper, and I plan to continue that way.


For inexpensive wkbs or things I figure I'll probably find something even better to replace it with in the future, I'll have them write directly on. Ds writes directly in the SOTW tests, because he'll probably be the only child doing SOTW in the logic stage, and I'm not a fan of the tests for the littles.


For small wkbs with little text and few images, I might go ahead and copy the whole thing (providing that's within the copywrite permissions).

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