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What English/Grammer do you recommend for 5th grade

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Rod and Staff is pretty open and go and most certainly thorough. I am using a combo of MCT and R&S. My son who just entered public school this past year followed R&S through 7th grade. He was well ahead of all the other students in the language arts area, and I accredit to R&S. HTH

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We use Rod and Staff also. After some tweaking to get them to a point where they are challenged we have been very happy with it. I find it to be very thorough and the tm is very explanatory. It tells you exactly what the focus of each lesson is, oral questions to go over to aid in retention, and how to teach the lesson. There is ample practice in the book itself but you can also purchase an additional workbook at very little cost if your dc needs more practice on a concept.


My dc were put off at first at having to write out much of the assignment but I have found that in itself to be an added benefit in improving their penmanship.:D

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Guest Cheryl in SoCal

While I'm really loving AG I'm very glad that I did Shurley prior to it. Shurley goes into more detail on the classification of the parts of speech than AG but AG has more complex sentences than Shurley and diagramming (Shurley parses instead of diagramming). I'm enjoying the more complex sentences in AG but am using the Shurley labels. I will do the same Shurley/AG sequence with my younger children instead of doing JAG/AG because I want them to know the more detailed classifications of the parts of speech.

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