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Can someone talk to me about Algebra 2 by Math u See...Please

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My daughter will start a Homeschool co-op, and they use Algebra 2 by Math U See.So far we are using Intermediate Algebra by Lial and are both very happy about it.

The Math U See workbook looks great.....Should I put her in the new class or just keep her with Lial?

I truly don't know anything about this curriculum.

Please talk to me.....

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MUS has a good reputation as a program for average and/or struggling students (especially those who struggle 'getting' math concepts).


Lial is a traditional 'college prep' program. It is also a much stronger text--stronger in content and in the rigor of problems. Lials is right on par with other high school texts such as Foersters and Larson(Chalkdust)--popular public school texts--in other words it is not a text designed for above average students (like AOPS is).


Compared to Lial MUS is much easier... easier problems in general... same basic concepts taught.


Some and I mean 'some' strong math students can do well with an easier program--NATURALLY taking the easy material to the next level in application... MOST students do better when they get to practice the challenge... so it really depends on your student...Many students completing MUS Algebra 2 would not be able to test out of Algebra 2 using Lial--but a Lial student would easily test out of MUS.

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I want to thank you all for your reply.


You are the reason why we doing Lial:)

My daughter struggles with math tremendously; however,she enjoys Lial.....no,no,no she UNDERSTANDS Lial, and I personally love the review.

We have started about 2 months ago, and my dd still loves it.

We have done TT Algebra 2, and she did very well, but didn't retained anything.Waist of our time...

I have found a website for Lial that we are using along with our lessons.



We have found the "Help me solve this" button to be a pure gold.


Thank you so very much to you all.


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