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I need more games for reading!


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My little one has a VERY good ear and has picked up letter sounds basically by osmosis. He is starting to blend CVC words, but is much too young and wiggly for anything formal (plus, I really don't want him to catch his older brother who struggles in reading). Yet, at the same time, I would love to keep him engaged and cement the phonemes somehow while we do school.


This morning for example, we played "run to the sound" with the vowels taped on the wall and M & Ms. Where can I find more games like this to keep him busy and having fun while learning?

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You can make phonics Bingo cards here. Phonics Bingo is still loved by all my kids, even the 7th grader.


I spy but use the sound the name starts with.


If you can make up or by a alphabet deck you can play Phonics go fish.


If you have a set of pictures and letters you can play phonics memory, just match the letter to the picture who name starts with that sound.



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My game:




Games from Mona McNee, scroll down to almost the end:




I also like to play games with magnetic letters, you can do relay races where you scoop out letters and run back and build words or just sit with letters and a coookie sheet and see how many words they can make in a minute.

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Someone in my area just coordinated a reading activity bag swap. We haven't made the swap yet, so I can't say how my kids like them yet. But, the examples on the website look good. If you have a support group or co-op you belong to, maybe you could organize one. I organized a preschool activity bag swap and it was pretty easy:)

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