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No way... they're way too expensive to replace, and they sell for about 75% of retail if they're in good shape.


My son writes in a spiral bound notebook. He uses only the front of each page to make it neater to read (he presses too hard sometimes). They're 15 cents each... bargain. He also delights in filling them up. :lol: It takes 3 to do a year of TT.

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I don't understand the reasoning behind people not wanting to write in the workbooks. Why did you buy it then? Why not just buy the other option and get the disk set only? I personally buy the bundle option because I want my dd to use the workbook! :lol:


Dd listens to the lecture, works out the problems in the book and then enters them into the computer. This is our second year of using TT and we would not do it any other way. I think that having the printed out worksheets in the book compliments the program and aids in understanding the lessons fully. Not all students have this need perhaps, and that is why there is the other option.


You can still re-sell the disks and recoup a nice amount, even without the workbook.




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