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Help. My 4 yo soiled himself last night.

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Sometime in the middle of the night. :(


He's potty trained but sometimes wets at night so wears a pull-up. He's not sick, it wasn't a bout of diarrea, but it's possible he had a tummy ache that caught him by surprise. I really don't know what happened as I didn't hear a sound all night and I'm a light sleeper.


At any rate, he got himself up after it happened, and WITHOUT waking us he tried to clean himself up and hide the evidence. Of course, he's 4 and didn't do a very good job. :001_huh::tongue_smilie: He even used a manual for one of his toys to try to wipe himself :001_huh: but then dropped it on the ground again. :ack2: Ugh.


I am not overly impressed to the mess I woke up to this morning and really wish he'd come and got us. :(


My question is, is this anywhere near normal to have happen (this is the first time) or a sign of a deeper problem? He's not talking much to me this morning- he was happy go lucky until I discovered what had taken place last night. Now, he refuses to talk about it. Is he just embarrassed about what happened or should I be considering that there's something deeper going on with him?


Ugh. I just remembered he has pooped his pull-up on one more occasion earlier this year but that was more of a little smear and I chalked it up to an accident of not getting to the toilet on time. I think that time it was during nap time.


I don't want to over react, accidents happen, but I don't want to overlook a problem if there is one.


FWIW, none of my other kids have ever done this.

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Maybe he didn't "go" yesterday and then last night he just had an explosion.


I wouldn't think anything of it. He's only four. If he were much older, I'd worry, but even adults have been caught off-guard sometimes.


That's what I was leaning towards, but I'm just so shocked that he didn't wake us up to help him. I guess maybe he was embarrassed. Sigh. Back to cleaning... :glare:

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I would just give him a hug, tell him you love him, and lovingly let him know that next time you would be very happy to help him because sometimes the unexpected happens and that is what mommy is for-to help him even in the middle of the night when the unexpected happens. Then not mention it again. You don't want him to think he has to hold it in or hide it - because that could lead to serious constipation problems. BTDT with my son. You can also help him get his body in a routine of elimination. Maybe every day after lunch he starts sitting on the potty just to poo, or after breakfast... Once his body regulates it probably won't happen again.

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LOL I opened this thinking that there'd be more to it than just a 4yo pooping his pants. ;) hehe My 4yo is still pooping his pants during the *day*, so maybe I'm no help, but I think that at 4 there are still going to be accidents (particularly at night, possibly because of a dream that he can't remember?) in many, many kids.


I'd tell him how proud I am that he tried to clean it up, but if it happens again at night it's OK to wake me up so that we can clean it together. No disappointment or disgust shown, just matter-of-fact, "It was just an accident...you're still a big kid! Let's clean it up." and get on with life. :)

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I would not worry yet.


& I would work really hard to NOT have an UGH reaction (not saying you did! probably just venting online but ykwim...)


Just an "oooops! Oh well, let's clean up. You know you can ALWAYS call on mommy & daddy to help you, no matter how late, no matter what's wrong."


Keep repeating that when they're small so it's lodged deep in their brain & they can call on it during the teen years. :D

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It's just one incident. I would clean it up, apologize for being irritated (not you--me. I would have been irritated and most likely shown it and would need to apologize), tell him if it ever happens again to wake us up, and forget about it. Can't imagine what "deeper" thing would be going on.

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