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SCIENCE for 8th grade and up??

glass breaker

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Hi! I'm new here. :)


I have been home schooling for 6 years. I have found science to be the hardest thing to teach. Most of the packaged curricula that I've purchased has been disappointing. So my question is...


What are you using to teach science to junior high and high school aged kids?


What worked - what hasn't?

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I have used Apologia with my four that are in those ages. I found my oldest two did great in college science classes, so we will continue to use Apologia. The only exception is this coming year. My 11th grader will be using Saxon Physics with the DIVE CD. I haven't used it before - we'll see how it goes . . .

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We used Science Explorer from Prentice Hall for 6th-7th-8th grade. CPO Science also gets good reviews for middle school. Those are really the only secular options I know of for middle school.


We are using Derek Owen's distance learning class this year for Physics. He also offers Physical Science. They are secular, though you may not be interested in outsourcing. We're only 2 weeks into it, but I've been happy with it so far.


If I hadn't outsourced, I would have investigated Bridget Ardouin's Science for High School.


Here are a few threads from the high school boards that may be helpful:

9th grade secular Biology


Secular Biology with Lab


Biology Program for High School?


Best of luck in finding what works best for your family. Frankly, secular science is the bane of my existence.

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We use BJU through 7th grade. This year for 8th grade we've switched to Prentice Hall Physical Science (the high school version, not the explorer series) and so far we are really enjoying it. It is tough, but we are doing lots of labs and having a lot of fun.

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Thanks for the suggestions everyone.


Sue in St. Pete - I feel the same way. I have been looking for secular science resources for 6 years without much luck.


I have used The Jason Project curriculum with some success (it's free) but it wasn't really self explanatory and I had a hard time lining up the lesson plans with actual work.


I'm going to dive into NOAA's Ocean Explorer's curriculum this year (also free) because my son is interested in pursuing Marine Science. It's a bit like TJP but I'm hoping I can make it work. It has potential!





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Dd is doing BJU Online science this year, really enjoying it, and learning a lot. She is 8th grade, but doing 7th grade life science simply because she had not studied life science in quite a while. I felt it would be a better foundation for high than their 8th grade Earth and Space Science.


I had read good things about BJU's high school science on this board, so we wanted to give it a try before high school. I like science, but I really don't have time to prepare and teach her high school level science the way it should be. We don't have any academic co-ops in our area that are just one day a week. I didn't want to commit to tuition and 3 days a week driving her a good distance away.


As of now, it is what she will use for high school.



BTW, she did Rainbow Year 1 last year. It was good, and fairly independent. I think we would have done Year 2 if I didn't feel it was important to go ahead and try BJU.

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We are using Oak Meadow Sciences for the middle years--I really like their format.

I forgot about Oak Meadow. I looked at a friend's OM and liked it, but I didn't think it would work well for ds.


I used Apologia General for 7th and Physical for 8th. This year for 9th we are using BJU Biology. As of now, I'm planning on BJU for chemistry. But, I'm leaning more toward Apologia for physics.

I know Apologia is not secular.


We use BJU through 7th grade.

Is BJU secular?


I have been using BJU.

Is BJU secular?


Dd is doing BJU Online science this year...

BTW, she did Rainbow Year 1 last year.

Is BJU secular? Is Rainbow secular?



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