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BJU Math Dvd's or Online-can I have opinions of this please?


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ETA: NEVER MIND-WATCHED SAMPLE AND THIS FORMAT WON'T WORK FOR DS. I can see that he would just tune it right out.


We're using a CLE/MM combo with dd10 and ds7 and it's going very well. I go through and teach all of dd's math to her, including any manips, etc if necessary. And ds wants even more math so with him I daily add in some MEP and games and other misc. things. Math for BOTH dc is taking forever! I'm trying to think of a way to modify, so I'm thinking of staying the same with dd but moving ds to BJU online math so he can watch the videos for some of his instruction. I would still be helping as necessary and be doing the "extras" with him.


I just need a little more teaching help, and since he's just going into 2nd grade, I'd like to make a switch early on (IF I switch) and stick with it. I like that BJU is known for its conceptual presentation. I'm just considering this; haven't decided.


Looking for opinions from those who have used BJU math with dvd's or online.

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