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How do you get rid of gnats?

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We do a bowl of water with some vinegar and sugar (or just apple cider vinegar) with a little bit of soap. They are drawn by the smell, eat, and get stuck.


Make sure you don't have something rotting somewhere that they are breeding in (we had an old potato at the back of the pantry that we couldn't see - not good). Or if it's a plant, move it outside and spray it with a mild soap solution.

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We just got rid of a horrible infestation of them, centered in our dining room and in the bathroom. They are now 100% GONE, I am delighted to say!! Here's what we did:


* Traps: Use soda bottles with about an inch of cider or balsamic (NOT white) vinegar with a bit of dish detergent. Leave the lid off. The little gnats can't fly back out--they really do drown!


* Drains: We found that they were making their homes in our drains. So every night before bed we'd treat them--first I would dump boiling water down; then I would sprinkle baking soda around the outside and then drizzle bleach so it washes the baking soda down the sides.


* More traps: Oh, I also got mouse paper--that super sticky paper--and laid it out, with a few drops of vinegar on it.


* Cleaning: We also went crazy cleaning up. It was tough at first, because we had so many gnats you couldn't even throw trash away. We would take out the trash daily and scrub down the can. I also scrubbed our counters with a bleach cleanser several times a day, and put our tablecloth in the wash. In the bathroom I also wiped down all of my fruity girlie things with bleach cleanser--the gnats are just as crazy as I am, it would seem, about anything from Bath & Body Works. :D


Best wishes!

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