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Algebra experts: Foerster's vs. AoPS?

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Okay, a spin-off from my other thread with a more focused question...


I've been planning to use Foerster's Algebra with my mathier dd, but she's been loving the AoPS Number Theory book so much, I've been rethinking whether maybe I should go with AoPS' Algebra instead.


Has anyone got opinions on the relative merits of Foerster's and AoPS Algebra texts? (breadth/depth/level of difficulty/clarity of explanations)?

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I think if your DD "gets" the AoPS way of teaching, she would be fine with AoPS algebra. I have both AoPS and Foerster's, and when I first started flipping through AoPS, I thought "hey, DS could do this...." Then I hit chapter 4 and realized no way. DS really needs the explanation first and then the problems, he's not good at inferring explanations by solving problems first, which is more of the AoPS way. But if your DD not only "gets" AoPS but loves it, I would definitely go with it — it's a fabulous program!



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