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Learning Language Arts Through Literature

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We used it last year (9th). It was easy to use and we took most of the reading out of the library, so the expense was minimal. I wouldn't say my son loved it, but it didn't drive him crazy either. :)


We would use it, move out to either other works by the same author or other works in the genre, then come back to it.


Hope that helps a bit.

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We are using it this year. The first 10 weeks are short stories, 1 story/week (basically). Then there are 3 short books: The Pearl, Red Badge of Courage, and Old Man and the Sea. Poetry is in there too. I did buy the 2 "spines" (short stories and poetry book) when I purchased the guide. RR had the cheapest price, but cbd had the quickest shipping.


We are on the 2nd week, 2nd short story. So far, it is very good. The reading is broken up over the entire week, so it is not overwhelming. I like the discussion questions. It makes you think about character development, setting, conflict, etc.


I'm glad I bought it. We will plan on the British lit at some point in high school as well.

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