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Ear pain, swimmers or other?

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I have been swimming pretty much everyday..and I always turn and sidebreathe on one side, I try to do both, but it's just not 'fluid' and once I'm in a rhythm I keep to that side...well the ear I turn on has been hurting the past 3 weeks, it'll be fine for 3-4 days then hurt again...last night I was awakened with ear flutters? at 3am...it just felt like something was in my ear, but I don't feel it any more...could I have gotten a bug or something while swimming??


So I put loads of drops of ear wax removal and I can hear it dissolving a bunch of stuff but nothing is coming out....maybe it's so compacted?? Any other tips on how to try and get ear wax out? Someone had said some wicking method??



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warm hydrogen peroxide and alcohol


ear plugs



Btw, these drill helps with being able to breathe on both sides more fluidly:




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