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IF someone is using your phone number, is that illegal?

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We are having problems with debt collectors calling and we were wondering why this was happening since our credit is great and we don't have any debts in collection. Finally, one person called and left a message we understood and we have found out that someone applied for credit in my FIL;s name and used our phone number. Now FIL doesn't live with us and never has. We don't believe that FIL did this at all but that either one of two BILs might have done this or any of the various hangers on who seem to come to the house. If it is the BILs, FIL won't want to file a criminal complaint. However, we are very upset with the use of our phone number and we don't even know if any other personal information of ours was used. So two questions- 1) is using someone else's phone number deliberately as your own a crime and do we file a report here or there and 2) can anyone here recommend a good identity theft protection program since we think we need to enroll both of us and all of our children so these BILs or hangers-on don't get to use our identities,

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I believe that it would be illegal as it constitutes fraud. If your FIL didn't apply for the credit himself, then whomever did is committing fraud and can be prosecuted for it. I think if you report it, it is not up to your FIL whether or not they go after the person, it would be in the hands of the prosecutors. I could be wrong, but I believe it is a federal offense. If it involved the U.S. Mail it certainly is a fed. offense.

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