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Help w/ classes on transcript

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I don't know how to handle this.


Last year D began 11th grade in August and took Honors Chem, English 3, Dual-enrollment English 4, Algebra 2, and some electives. The Alg 2 and English 3 were self-paced courses in classrooms; the others were traditional lecture courses.


When the first report card came out in October D had all A's. She was continuing to plug along in her classes until mid-December, when she became severely ill. She stopped going to school, missing the last 6 days of school. After Christmas she did not return because by then she was in liver failure. We had no choice but to withdraw her and after the Christmas holiday and much anguish, we filed to homeschool*.


Anyway, today in the mail we received her p/s transcript. There are numerous problems but the biggest is that D received no credit for any of the work she did up through December in Chem, English 4, or English 3 (or the other electives). [The Algebra 2 teacher did give her a final grade]. I can understand that the school can choose to not give D credit because she did not go to school the last 6 days (and we withdrew her) but should I, as her homeschool principal, give her some kind of credit for that period of time last Fall--those 4 months--when D was doing schoolwork in the public school system--since the public school did not? I really hate for her to have done all that work for no credit (and she was busting her fanny, trying to maintain all As)! Otherwise, how do I account for that missing half of a school year?


Thanks. *In retrospect, a blessing in disguise.

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Have you gone to the school and talked to someone in person? That would be my first thought.


Otherwise, are you responsible for generating her transcript? I mean, you're not with some sort of umbrella school or something? If so, then by all means, include her first semester grades on *your* transcript. You can have some sort of code that shows the grades were transferred; I used to do this. Grades from community college were "B-T," and the legend at the bottom of the transcript said, "T=Transfer credit, high school level or above."

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I have contacted the school and the school board. They say they don't give grades mid-semester (although D DID get a report card with grades on it, mid-semester). I pity the poor students who have to transfer in the middle of the school year!


There is no umbrella school: I am "it". To quote former Pres Bush: " I am the Decider."


So what you have said, Ellie, is exactly what I will do.



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