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If your student is finishing or finished Saxon Advanced Math..

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The way we did advanced was pretty much 1 lesson a day and Friday (our co-op day) was test day. When sd and I sat down to do Math (afternoons) we would go over any corrections she had to do and work through problems she still could not get. That would normally take us about 1/2 hr. I would then go over the next lesson with dd, just a breif over view and walked through a couple of examples. That would take 5-10 min. She then would read the section and do the problems. They normally took 1hr if she was staying on task 2-3 if she was not staying on task (she had a tendancy to drag things out quiet often). She would then give them to me and I would correct it. The next morning she would take abou 1/2 hr to do any corrections.


That schedule worked well for us. There were a couple of days that it took longer or we had to do two days for a lesson because she was having difficulty or due to things coming up she did not have time to get to her Math.

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Our sons both worked through Advanced Math. They worked one lesson per day for 1 to 1.5 hours and tests on Saturdays. Everyone has an opinion, but I don't agree with three hours of math per day. If a student takes that long to work through a math lesson, then the lessons should be split in half. Most students just don't have the focus to sustain 3 hours of math.



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My oldest son took about 1 1/2 hours per day to do one lesson. That included teaching the lesson, doing the lesson, going over problems that needed correcting.


My 2nd son, who was much more mathy, took about an hour.


I would have had a mutiny on my hands if they had to work on math 3 hours a day!

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