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Please pray for family's loss

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My former video teacher, who I loved dearly and has been a father figure to me has recently suffered a great loss, along with his daughter and wife. Tuesday night, his 10-year-old son and himself were kayaking when a man driving a motorboat hit them. The son was taken to the hospital and later died. My former teacher is in the hospital with a leg injury.




Please pray, take a moment of silence, whatever you do and just remember how precious life is. Hug your children.


I have no right to grieve as I have only met the son and the family a few times but he was a very sweet, respectful, active little boy. The father's classroom was filled with projects and pictures his son had made for him. His son was his basketball buddy, his best friend, and the only other guy in the house he could hang out with. He spoke of him always. On June 17th, the last day of school he spoke of him. Telling stories about watching basketball together and just laughing. He loved teaching his son basketball and watching him play on his team because he could no longer play due to leg issues. It's hard to believe in that short time his son is no longer here. I can only imagine how hard he is taking this.

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Dang, I made my first ever trip to Vermont this summer with my whole extended family and we stayed in LUDLOW, the very town the boy is from. Wow. I'm trying to remember which lake that is, there were several in the area. My own family members went out canoeing on a lake where there was also a motorboat pulling a water skier.


So very sad.

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