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What else to get from Rainbow?


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I am brand new to homeschooling this year (my boys will be doing PK and 3rd grade). Today I am ordering something from Rainbow and since I am already paying for shipping I thought I would ask if there are any other little things that would be helpful to have? I already got maps and small dry erase boards but don't have much else.


Anything from Rainbow that would be good to have? Thanks! :bigear:

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You know you get free shipping if you can get to $150.


Their books are usually cheaper than Amazon. They carry many programs you might be interested in anyway (handwriting, math, Latin). Their art supplies are great. Lots of ways to get to $150!

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I'd also pick up the dry erase markers and eraser. Other ideas:


*writing tablets--way cheaper than local stores! I picked up 2 per child since they were only $1.

*Library pockets--love these for lapbooks and printable games!

*index cards on rings--I picked up extra rings. We've been using these for spelling lists and memory work.

*math manipulatives--We have a lot! Geoboards, hundred number chart, AL Abacus, RS card games, dice, counters, blocks, unifix cubes, base 10 blocks, tangrams, pattern blocks...I used to add a couple of these to each order.


*fun Christmas coloring books or Dover sticker/coloring/paper doll/etc. books to go with your studies

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Wow this is so great! Thank you all for the great ideas. That catalog is so huge it's hard to know where to start. I will use all of these to make a shopping list and see how far my budget stretches. :D


To answer the first question about what curriculum I am using here is the list: (bear with me I know some abbreviations but not all :confused:)


Pk/K - 4.5 year old:

Five in a Row

Saxon Math K (oh I was buying manipulatives so that is what started this question)


BOB Books

Whatever else he can do that his older brother is doing



DS Grade 3:

Saxon Math3


Shurley Grammar

Zaner Bloser Handwriting

Phonics for Reading and Spelling - Dettmer

Sort of following Veritas literature selections

Reading for Comprehension

History of US

Child's Story Bible -Vos

Latin for Children A

Nature Studies, Art, Music - working on those :tongue_smilie:


If you have any feedback on my curriculum feel free to share. I got some help from my older son's school but I can see you all are very wise here so I am open to suggestions. :bigear:



Has anyone purchased the hidden picture books from Rainbow? My 4 year old LOVES hidden pictures, puzzles, mazes etc. So I thought I would make box of fun stuff like that to keep him busy.


Thanks again very much! This is such a wonderful forum!! :grouphug:

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Oh, I'm so glad to see you are using Five in a Row with your Pre-K/K son. You will have so many precious moments with your son using this curriculum. I found that many of the books used for FIAR are cheaper at Rainbow, and their FIAR packages are a pretty good deal too.

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