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DS jumped in the MCT Hummer and went for a Joy Ride!


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Since we follow the local ps schedule, today was the first full day of school for us. I was very nervous about beginning the MCT Town series with ds. Will I be able to do it? Will he love it? Hate it?


DS is very language arts oriented, but since he was in ps for so long, all the joy of language was sucked out of him. I hoped and prayed that he would love MCT and rediscover his love of language (no pressure, right?)


We started at the beginning of Grammar Town and Caesar's English and he LOVED it!!! He read extra, he spent time trying to think of words for all the Latin stems like it was a fun game. He even *requested* a Latin dictionary (he's never studied Latin).


I'm so happy. I know it won't be like this every day, but I am relishing the moment!


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The one curriculum I'm actually excited about starting next week is MCT Town!


Samantha - I'm also starting it w/ a 10yr language-loving boy! Which Philosophy for Kids are you doing with him?


Hey! We are doing this Philosophy for Kids. My ds actually requested to learn about philosophy this year and I liked the way this particular book used examples that most kids could relate to. Philosophy is just an "extra"--not something that I stress over! :001_smile: I think it would work even better in a co-op setting with several children since the discussion is the most interesting part.


We talked about the first section in the MCT poetry book today. Of all the concepts, ds took a fancy to assonance the most (and, no, not because of the similarity to another off-color word). He just started rattling off examples. I was stunned! Vroom ... vroom ... :auto: (pretend this looks like a Hummer)

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