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Saxon [Hake] Grammar and Writing 8


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Does anyone have any tips for this curriculum? I'm going to be trying it with my oldest daughter this year. She's an excellent reader, but has struggled with grammar, sentence structure, etc., since I pulled her from public school in 6th grade. I actually backed her up to 5th grade English (BJU Press), and even though this is 9th grade, she's just now moving into the 8th grade level in this subject. (We're using Literature to get her English credit for this year, but I wasn't comfortable skipping a level in Grammar since she has made such great progress.)


We've used Saxon Math with great success, so I've been really excited about trying this curriculum. I have to confess, though, when I received the Grammar & Writing curriculum yesterday, it took me quite some time to figure out how the system was supposed to work. Thank goodness, I FINALLY have it figured out--I THINK! :D I was mumbling things like "What on earth?" and "WHERE are the dictations???!!!" and "It's obvious a MAN wrote this curriculum." :001_rolleyes:


Anyway, does anyone have tips? Do you use the curriculum exactly as suggested? Do you stick to the suggested schedule? Does anyone have any lesson plans they've laid out? I checked with Edu-Track, and they don't have any for this curriculum, at least, not yet.

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