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Need advice RE my excellent student, who is a S L O W reader

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My 12th grade son is an excellent student -- he is gifted in math and science, he carefully reads his history, lit and other books, and I can tell he has read well, because when I ask him comprehension type questions, he answers correctly at least 90% of the time.


I'm thinking ahead to college-- and the large amounts of reading he will encounter. He still reads SLOWLY, and I'm wondering if there are any tips to help him read a little faster, but still retain what he is reading?


He told me when he reads books, he says the words to himself (in his brain) as if he were speaking them out loud...


Any advice is much appreciated!:)

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I took a speed reading course in high school that really helped me. I don't remember any of the books or curriculum we used, but you could look into it. My kids are younger, but what helped my daughter was listening to many books on tape while reading them. It was a struggle for her to read that fast, but now it has become habit.

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I have two like that, and their memories are so vault like it's scary. For me, I am willing to let them read slower. My husband is the same. he struggled through public highschool, but now, as an adult is beyond successful because of that very trait. He reads FDA periodicals, CGMPs and remembers it ALL. He has a business degree and had a 4.0 becuase of the way he read. He had to learn himself that he needed to balance his time for reading, with the actual work, It was a scheduling/balance conflict for him when he was in school, but he got it all done.

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